What is My Wishlist (FAVORITES) ?

My selection is a separate part where you can place chosen accommodation units, or all the apartments, rooms or houses you're interested in and to which you want to return quickly and without repeated searches.

Putting accommodation units in My selection doesn't oblige you to make an inquiry or booking, it just separates them into your space. My selection is available only to you, and you can send further inquiries based on it. It can also serve as a convenient place to "remember" that beautiful house you want to show to your friend as an example of a perfect vacation place for his family.

Data you have saved in My selection will always be available to you, independently of the time lapsed between your past visit to My selection menu. Also, only you can delete accommodation units you are no longer interested in.


"Add to My selection", that is stationed near accommodation unit you are interested in. After you have done that, window will appear to inform you that the accommodation unit is added to "My selection". You can go to My selection from that window with My selection button, or you can close it by clicking on CLOSE.


  prices are stated in Euro (VAT included)

  in search results and suggestions, prices are stated from minimal to maximal price per person per day (for example 11,23 - 14,50 EURO)

  price list of accommodation unit in detailed display shows prices per person per day, according to periods of accommodation use and minimal number of lodgings